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A simple question about our company is often posed to me, "How did you come up with that name?" I welcome the question and appreciate the opportunity to tell the simple answer: We work hard at being the best plumbing company in our region—and the name fits, perfectly.

DeBest, Inc. was established in 1973 and founded on delivering excellence to the consumer. Today, this same philosophy continues throughout our services. Our goal is to maintain your trust by providing professional, quality service that will exceed your expectations.

We work hard as a team and think like a team. The low rate of our employee turnover speaks highly of our company's approach to teamwork. In fact, the principals have been at the heart of DeBest since its inception and have helped shape its growth.

I first opened DeBest with offering residential plumbing services. Over the years we've expanded our services—working to meet the needs of our customers—while consistently preserving the quality of service in all residential jobs. DeBest now services large remodel, commercial and industrial plumbing projects. To expand the quality of service we provide, we also offer a 24-Hour service department.

Thank you for considering our service and capabilities for all your plumbing and mechanical needs.

Milford E. Terrell
Founder and CEO

We have an advantage. The key to our success is the combination of our trade knowledge and professionalism.

From scheduling and estimating to implementation, we proficiently manage each project according to its distinct design.

  • Adherence to client controls and standards

  • Flexibility to meet a project's changing requirements

  • Integration of estimating, scheduling, human resources and accounting